Happy Keto Body Review - Week 0: How to Plan for An Awesome Start!

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Are you starting the Happy Keto Body program or thinking about joining?

This is is my second time through the program but the first time I'll be blogging - in detail - about my experience. Doing Happy Keto Body, or any diet program, is more than just reading a book or watching a video and then following a meal plan. To be really successful in any lifestyle change, you need a little bit of planning and preparation. I'll share what I'm doing to pave the way for YOU. Learn from my experiences, successes and, yes, mistakes!

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Note: The Happy Keto Body program is no longer open for enrollment, but you can follow almost the exact same program using the Healthful Pursuit Keto Bundle. It is an eight week keto program complete with meal plans, recipes, and shopping lists. It's a digital download so you can get started today.


Happy Keto Body Week 0 - Prep Week

A prep week is the week (or even a few days) before you start a diet. It is a time to get your mind and pantry in order. A time to get organized and plan. It’s a way to give yourself the best possible start.

The prep week - or planning and preparation time before you Start Happy Keto Body gets your mind and environment ready to totally rock week one, and beyond.


Planning is KEY to avoid overwhelm.

The Happy Keto Body Program is a lot like taking an adult education course.

There is a lot of information which is fantastic because we will learn about our bodies and how to make them function like the awesome machines they are designed to be. But school can be overwhelming if you're not prepared, right?

So grab your planners (or calendar or phone) and let's be super smart.

Even though I've been through the program before I wanted to go through again, with fresh eyes, to write this detailed review. So I can help YOU on your Happy Keto Body journey. You can learn from my mistakes and, hopefully, from what I've done right!

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Start with mindset.

Let's begin our journey in the right frame of mind....

Make a fresh start.

Before you begin Happy Keto Body or any program, it is important to wipe the slate clean and make a FRESH START. Most of us probably have some history of past dieting successes or failures. We might doubt our ability to stick to keto this time because we have failed in the past.

Here’s the thing…your past does not determine your future. Your actions today and this week and this month will determine your future. In fact, learning from past experiences is a great way to make better choices when you diet or do keto this time.

set some goals for happy keto body.

If you joined Happy Keto Body you probably have a really good reason for investing in your health. Now it’s time to be super specific and clear about the results you want. This is your WHY. Having a specific WHY and reviewing it often will keep you motivated and help you through times when you want to ditch the coconut oil and wallow in a bag of Doritos.

It’s not all sunshine and fat bombs. obstacles will happen; plan for them.

One of the goal-setting pages in the Bonus Planner (and it’s also included in the printable Keto Journal in my Shop) has space to write down obstacles you might expect to come up.

Pull from your experiences (meaning past diets) - without judgment - and plan for some possible missteps.

For me, not having a meal plan is a recipe for disaster, pun intended. If I don’t have healthy food - that I really enjoy - in the house I’ll turn to carbs and takeout. For me, meal planning is a must.

Another obstacle I face is being tired at the end of the day and not feel like cooking dinner. I anticipate this by planning super simple meals and use planned leftovers. I also expect my husband to cook some nights as well!

We almost always go out to eat or order takeout on the weekend. I love this tradition and, with a little bit of prep work, it is no problem at all! I generally look at menus online in advance. It’s not that hard to stick to a keto plan at almost any restaurant. In a pinch order steak, chicken or fish, a big veggie salad with extra-virgin olive oil, and some grilled or roasted veggies. Yum!.

These are just a few of my personal roadblocks, so spend a few minutes thinking of your own…and make a plan how to overcome them.

Mindset Checklist:

  • What specific results do you want to see from the Happy Keto Body program? Some ideas are weight loss, to reduce body fat, heal leaky gut, end emotional connection with food, fix insulin resistance, stop food cravings, improve the quality of your diet, reduce symptoms of autoimmune disease, etc.

  • Exactly WHY do you want all of the above things to happen? What is your motivation? Dig deep and be specific. There is no right or wrong WHY, but it must be compelling to you.

  • What potential obstacles might  you face on  your keto journey? What events, people or beliefs might get in the way of your success?

  • What EXACTLY will you do when facing one of your potential obstacles? Map out a detailed action plan for each of your obstacles.

  • How will you reward yourself for completing twelve weeks of Happy Keto Body? Make it a good one!

  • Consider creating an Inspiration Board. One is included in the Bonus Planner and you can include photos, clippings, stickers, doodles, whatever it takes to inspire or motivate you on your journey. You can also create something similar on Pinterest.

Next, get organized.

This is the totally non-sexy, practical stuff to help you get and stay organized while going through Happy Keto Body.

You have videos to watch and bonus materials to review and download (and, if you wish, print). You need to decide if you will be tracking your macros and how to do it. Will you use an app or a paper keto journal?

How will you track your weight and progress?

Organize yo'self checklist:

  • Save your login information and password for Happy Keto Body.

  • Create a shortcut on desktop to the Happy Keto Body portal.

  • Read the Happy Keto Body welcome email, and future emails. If you wish, save them to a folder in your inbox.

  • Create a folder on your computer (or Google Drive) to save all of the bonus content (PDF's) from the program. Also, if you purchase through my link and get the Happy Keto Body Bonus Planner, save that in your online file as well.

  • Print your Bonus Planner (or use this printable Keto Diet Journal) and pop in a 3 ring binder.

  • Warn the family, lol. Give your partner and/or kids a heads up...mom is committing to 12 weeks of keto. You will be surprised how supportive your loved ones can be. And, if they're not, it's cool. You take care of YOU.

meal plan mock up.png

Grab your calendar or planner and start planning your week!

Scheduling things on your calendar or in your planner isn't very exciting, I'll admit. But if you are serious about your commitment to Happy Keto Body, you need to prioritize your own health and make sure you reserve time to work on the program. If you decide to "wing it," likely you won't get the videos watched and you will begin to feel overwhelmed.

A goal without a plan is just a wish.

Start by making planning time fun! Sit down to plan with a cup of coffee or tea or flavored water. Light a candle, and put on your favorite music. Think of this as an act of self-care and self-love.

Let's get to work. Block off a specific time in your planner (I use this printable planner) or on your calendar to do these things...

Planning Checklist:

  • Plan time to watch the videos (and take notes). You'll also want to allow time to print and review the bonus materials. I allow about 30 minutes to an hour each day. Think of it as your super amazing, awesome ME time!

  • Schedule time to plan your meals if you're not going to follow the meal plans included in your Happy Keto Body Mini Cookbook. There is a meal planning section in the Happy Keto Body Bonus Planner (pictured in the image above). But when I am being super serious and detailed I use Plan to Eat. It’s an online meal planning app I use to store my recipes and drag and drop meals, reuse my meal plans, and spit out a shopping list in a flash.

  • Plan time to do any food prep if that's your thing, like washing and cutting up veggies for snacks, or making keto treats. I personally don't do a lot of food prep because I keep my meals simple.

  • Plan a time to go grocery shopping.

  • Plan your workouts.  I'm super excited that a 12 week fitness program has been added to Happy Keto Body. There are weekly videos plus a PDF that outlines the program. It's basically body weight or band strength training. I'm going to plan for the three weekly workouts, plus add a daily walk. If you're doing another fitness program, just plan that into your schedule. Don't work out? No big deal. Focus on just the food only until you feel ready to add in a little daily exercise.

  • Plan time to track your food and macros.  I'll touch on this more in the accountability section, but I like to schedule a little bit of time at the beginning and end of the day to log my food, any symptoms, and otherwise journal about my experience.


Hold yourself Accountable.

Accountability is incredibly important. It is simply honoring the commitment you made to yourself when you invested in the Happy Keto Body program. How will you do that?

Some people have an accountability buddy or partner.

It can be a friend you check in with daily via text, DM, or phone call. Or a spouse or sibling. Someone who you trust to be honest with and share your journey.

Share your journey social media, like Instagram or Facebook.

If you know me in person or follow me on social, you know I don't post very often. I'm never going to be one of those "share all my meals" kinda ladies. By the time I take a beautiful pic, edit my photo, write something brilliant and upload it to FB or IG, I'm worn out, lol. But if social is your thing, go for it!

Another accountability option is the VIP Membership Forum.

If you want to connect with other ladies doing Happy Keto Body, you will love the forum. It is very active and allows you to connect to other members and get your questions answered.

Or, be accountable to yourself.

I personally prefer to be accountable to myself. And I do that through logging my food and journaling my experience. Every. Dang. Day. Good days and bad... just like marriage, lol. I like a pen-and-paper food journal because I can see at a glance the quality of my food, how I'm feeling physically and emotionally, and my struggles and successes.

For my Happy Keto Body journey I am using the Bonus Planner which I’ll email you for free if you purchase Happy Keto Body through one of my links. Or, you can use something very similar like this 12 Week Keto Journal, or even just a notebook.

Accountability Checklist... how will you hold yourself accountable?

  • Accountability buddy.

  • Social media.

  • VIP Members Forum.

  • Hold yourself accountable by using a planner (or other means) to track your food and journal your journey.


Set up a system to track your progress.

You’re doing Happy Keto Body to get results, right? Remember the WHY we talked about earlier? The results you want to see? Whether it’s weight loss, better sleep, less aches and pains, or balanced blood sugar, you need to set up an easy way to track your results.

I know I keep talking about the Bonus Planner, but that is how I will track my weight and measurements. I also use it to track physical and emotional symptoms as well, and my progress photos. If you don’t have the Bonus Planner, you can use this Printable 12 Week Keto Journal which includes an entire section on tracking your progress.

Tracking Your Progress Checklist…how will you hold yourself accountable?

  • At a minimum weigh yourself and take measurements before the program and after the end of 12 weeks. I like to weigh weekly. How often will you weigh yourself? Take measurements?

  • Are there any other symptoms you want to pay special attention to, like joint pain, blood sugar readings, digestive issues? How will you track those?

  • Take a progress photo at least before and after the program. Do you want to take progress photos at any other intervals, like every four weeks?

  • Do you want to track anything else, like food quality, cravings, emotional attachment to food? How will you track and measure those?

Note: The Happy Keto Body program is no longer open for enrollment, but you can follow almost the exact same program using the Healthful Pursuit Keto Bundle. It is an eight week keto program complete with meal plans, recipes, and shopping lists. It's a digital download so you can get started today.


Do you need any supplies?

You’ll receive guidance in the Happy Keto Body program, but consider making a list of any supplies you want to make your journey easier or more fun. Maybe it’s ordering MCT oil or powdered bone broth so you don’t have to spend hours in the kitchen. (Or you could try my easy Bone Broth Recipe!)

Rather than buying things you don’t need, I suggest keeping a wish list. Then, as you go through the program, you’ll have a better idea of equipment or supplements or whatever to purchase.

Action step: Keep a wish list of supplies you may want in your planner or on your phone.


Now it’s time to take action, you amazing keto babe!

Here are your action steps:

  1. If you haven’t enrolled in Happy Keto Body, be sure you do so before January 17, 2019. (Use this link and I’ll send you the printable Bonus Planner to help you with your journey.)

  2. Then, use this blog post as a guide to get yourself in a positive frame of mind, organized and ready to go for your start date.

  3. Be sure to bookmark the Plan a Health Life Blog to see my Happy Keto Body posts for Weeks 1 through 12 of my journey. I hope you find them helpful in paving the way for you to get amazing results.

I have my planner printed and ready to go. I've scheduled time on my calendar to re-watch the videos and take notes (again). I've written my "why" and I'll take my progress photo and stats tomorrow morning (I’m starting Day 1 on December 31st). I have my meal plan ready to go (next week I'll share what I've eaten!) and I have my family on board for my keto adventure.

I am committing to my personal health and I plan to make my Happy Keto Body investment worth my time and money.

If you are considering Happy Keto Body and want to learn more, just click the cute pink button below. Also, check out my Happy Keto Body Review blog post that lists everything you get with Happy Keto Body and my busy-mom-who-hates-to-diet thoughts on the program: Happy Keto Body Review: New Ketogenic Diet Program from Leanne Vogel

And read the other blog posts in this 12 week Happy Keto Body review series HERE.

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