Happy Keto Body Review Week 1: Getting the Keto Party Started!

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Are you starting the Happy Keto Body program or thinking about joining?

This is is my second time through the program but the first time I'll be blogging - in detail - about my experience. Doing Happy Keto Body, or any diet program, is more than just reading a book or watching a video and then following a meal plan. To be really successful in any lifestyle change, you need a little bit of planning and preparation. I'll share what I'm doing to pave the way for YOU. Learn from my experiences, successes and, yes, mistakes!

In this post I’ll share:

  • How I planned for a successful week

  • What I learned from Week 1 in the Happy Keto Body program

  • What I ate (you know, the fun part!)

  • How I felt (physically and emotionally) and my results

  • My best tips for Week 1 of Happy Keto Body

If you're not considering enrolling in Happy Keto Body, the principles are the same for any diet or exercise program you choose to follow.

You can learn more about Happy Keto Body by clicking the cute pink button below. Registration for the next session opens January 10-17, 2019. And, if you enroll through one of the links on this page, I’ll email you an amazing 170 page printable Bonus Planner. It guides you through all 12 weeks of Happy Keto Body with space to set goals, record your weight and measurements, meal planning section, daily food journal for all twelve weeks, tabs for video notes, and more!

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Happy Keto Body Week 1

Last week I prepared to start Happy Keto Body, but this week I hit the ground running with healthy keto eating and lots of learning - about myself and about the keto lifestyle.

Let’s dig in…

How I planned for a successful Week 1 on Happy Keto Body:

I basically followed the checklist I outlined in the Prep Week blog post (and also what is included in the Happy Keto Body bonus planner), but I scheduled time, in my planner, to watch the videos each day. Even though I’ve done this program before, I committed to walk through it with fresh eyes, so I could share my insights with you. Also to get the most out of the program!

I had meals planned for the week and grocery shopping done, but those are tasks that have to be done every single week. So I also scheduled time to take care of meals and shopping this week, thinking ahead to Week 2!

I made watching the videos a really enjoyable routine, by sipping my coffee or my low carb green smoothie, and lighting a candle.

This is not directly related to the diet, but I have really committed to working on my thoughts and emotions. So I planned morning meditation and journal time to get my day off to a peaceful start. It’s so much easier to make big changes but coming from a place of peace and contentment.

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Free Happy Keto Body Bonus Planner

Purchase Happy Keto Body through the link below (or any of the links on this page) and I’ll send you the 170 page printable Bonus Planner. Just email your receipt (dated January 10-17, 2019) to me, Jacqui@PlanAHealthyLife.com!

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What I learned from Week 1 of Happy Keto Body:

I learned a ton of information from the videos, but I also learned about myself and my preferences and my quirks, going through this first week. Here are just a few of the highlights:

Yes, no, and maybe keto foods.

There are plenty of delicious foods to enjoy while eating keto, like:

  • healthy fats, like avocado, olives, nuts, seeds, coconut oil, nut butters, grass-fed butter, extra virgin olive oil, etc.

  • low starch veggies, like cabbage, broccoli, kale, mushrooms

  • quality animal products, like eggs, grass fed beef, poultry, seafood

  • low sugar fruits, like lemons, raspberries, blackberries, avocados

  • nuts and seeds, as well as nut butters

  • keto-friendly sweeteners, like stevia and monkfruit

The “no” foods, to avoid are:

  • grains, like oats, wheat, barley

  • starchy veggies, you know the “fun ones,” lol, like sweet potatoes, white potatoes

  • high sugar fruits, like bananas, cherries, and grapes

  • sugar in all forms, this means raw sugar, agave, honey, maple syrup, etc.

  • processed foods, even so-called “keto” snacks or bars

“Maybe” foods are those that some people have sensitivities to, or don’t contain lots of nutrients:

  • dairy - Leanne is anti-dairy but I include some in my meal plans, mainly in the form of cheese or cream for my coffee

  • legumes, which are high in carbs and can be a gut irritant

Include some “power foods” in your diet.

Power foods or super foods are those that have health benefits. One of the habits I worked on in 2018 was including power foods in my diet every single day, and it’s a fun habit to practice! I need to do an entire blog post on that subject, but here are some power foods you might consider adding to your meals:

  • wild caught Pacific salmon

  • raw, unfiltered apple cider vinegar LINK

  • avocados

  • dark chocolate

  • broccoli and other dark greens, like spinach and kale

  • bone broth or gelatin

  • fermented foods, like sauerkraut and kimchi

  • raw coconut meat

  • garlic

  • flaxseed

The foundation of a keto diet (done right) is lots of healthy, low-inflammatory fats.

Increasing healthy fats and lowering carbs reduces blood sugar and keeps it stable. It causes your body to seek an alternative fuel source - it’s own fat. Eating lots of healthy fats keeps you fuller longer, reduces cravings, balances hormones, gives you lots of Vitamins A, D, E, and K, and will boost your metabolism.

What you will notice right away from the Happy Keto Body plan, is that it advocates healthy eating. Keto has a reputation for being unhealthy with loads of heavy cream, processed bacon, and pounds of cheese. Those foods may technically qualify as keto, but real, nutrient-dense foods are the foundation of the Happy Keto Body diet.

eggs asparagus happy keto body plan a healthy life

What I ate on Week 1 of Happy Keto Body:

As I mentioned in my Prep Week Happy Keto Body blog post, I mainly focus on super simple meals that don’t require recipes or lots of effort in the kitchen. You may find my choices boring, and that’s ok. There are lots of recipes in the Happy Keto Body Mini Cookbook, in Leanne Vogel’s The Keto Diet Book, or you can find keto recipes by browsing the web or Pinterest.

This isn’t everything I ate, but it will give you a good idea what my Week 1 keto eating looked like.


  • Eggs and veggies. My simple formula is to melt some butter or heat avocado oil in a pan, fill half of it with veggies (like mushrooms, cabbage, broccoli, or a combo of veggies, and fry two eggs in the other half of the pan. It’s super easy and really satisfying.

  • Breakfast BLT Salad.

  • Green smoothies, usually with a few slices of uncured bacon. Drinking a green smoothie every day was my January Challenge. However, since I decided to recommit to keto, I changed the recipe up a bit from the one I posted in the January Smoothie Challenge blog post. I use full-fat coconut milk as my liquid, only use stevia as a sweetener if needed (instead of banana), and choose lower sugar fruits like strawberries and blackberries. I also boost the fat (and nutritional) content by adding chia seeds, ground flaxseed, and hemp hearts.


  • Reuben “Sandwich.” OMG this is amazing! Throw some sauerkraut on a plate (I used Bubbies), top with some corned beef, a slice of Swiss cheese, and microwave for about 45 seconds. Drizzle with a bit of Thousand Island dressing and, if you wish, sprinkle with caraway seeds.

  • Ham (I had some in the freezer) and roasted Brussels sprouts tossed with olive oil, toasted walnuts, and nutritional yeast. Yum.

  • Dinner leftovers.


  • 5 Guys Bacon Cheeseburger wrapped in lettuce. This was our New Year’s Eve dinner (don’t be jealous, lol) and I added lots of low starch veggies like mushrooms, onions, and green peppers.

  • Pulled Pork with a big salad drizzled with lots of extra virgin olive oil.

  • Chili with no beans, topped with fresh cilantro, a sprinkle of cheddar, and homemade guacamole. So delicious and filling! This is my go-to guacamole recipe.

  • Garlic Basil Shrimp with Zucchini Noodles.

  • Kansas City Steak Company Beef Tenderloin Tips and cauliflower rice drizzled with extra virgin olive oil, a little Parmesan, and fresh parsley. (The rest of the family ate regular rice.)



How I felt during Week 1, and my results:

Day 1 - Monday:

I felt very excited to re-start keto, especially after a little too much holiday over-indulging. I know I’ve felt good on keto before. And, at least for me, it’s usually pretty easy to stick to a low carb plan.

The first week can be a little tricky while your body adapts, so I decided there would be zero guilt about macros, fat grams, or the amount of food I was eating - so long as I stuck to keto foods.

I was very happy with my food choices (meaning I ate foods I like), but was pretty dang hungry. So I ate…lots. But all of my choices were keto-friendly.

Day 2 - Tuesday:

Also ravenously hungry today. One of the Happy Keto Body videos addressed this phenomena … your body is changing from a sugar burning state to a fat burning state. And your body is confused, lol. Some people experience a loss of appetite, and others - like me - want to eat anything not nailed down.

Like yesterday, I just followed the plan and ate when I was hungry. I had zero guilt for fueling my body when it wanted food. I also remembered that this is temporary; when I have done keto in the past I wasn’t overly hungry.

I also had a little bit of stomach upset, but I feel like it was just my body saying, “wait - this isn’t a Christmas cookie! What do we do with this, ummm, nutrient?” :)

Day 3 - Wednesday:

By Day 3 I was feeling good. Hungry, but not ravenous like Days 1 and 2!

Day 4 - Thursday:

Day 4 feeling calm. No signs of the keto flu at all. I just feel “normal.”

Day 5 - Friday:

Day 5 I felt stinking awesome! I haven’t checked to see if I’m in ketosis yet (in Happy Keto Body you are urged to focus on eating keto and not stressing out about macros or testing at the start), but I’m feeling amazing. My body is probably singing at all the nutrients it’s receiving, instead of holiday fudge and sugary eggnog!!

Emotionally though, I had a little “resistance.” I realized it was meal planning day and, for some reason, I didn’t feel like it. I am a meal planner from way back, so this isn’t a new skill. My inner rebellious teen just shrieked “I don’t wanna!”

Thankfully, mature Jacqui won out. While I was playing on Twitter I grabbed a piece of scrap paper and mapped out a simple meal plan. (If you like your meal plan to look pretty, you can download a free keto meal planner HERE. I’m almost embarrassed to say it took me less than 10 minutes to plan my meals.

I share this little story to encourage you… sometimes you won’t feel like planning meals. Or watching the Happy Keto Body videos. Maybe the thought of cooking dinner is overwhelming at the end of the day.

In these instances, go back to your WHY. (I talked about being clear about your motivation and the results you want in the Happy Keto Body Prep Week post.)

Day 6 - Saturday:

I felt a little nauseous for a few hours, but I don’t know if it has anything to do with my food. The rest of the day I felt good and energetic. Best of all, my husband took my shopping list and did the weekly grocery shopping for me!

Day 7 - Sunday:

Today we went to a Korean barbecue restaurant for dinner. It’s basically a selection of meats you grill yourself at the table, lots of veggies like delicious fermented kimchi, a big salad, and rice. I decided, in advance, to have a little rice…about a half cup total.

To budget the rice in, I really watched my carbs the rest of the day and did not have my green smoothie with fruit. My macros were about the same as they have been all week, and I got to enjoy some carbs. Win-win!

Week 1 Results:

At the end of Week 1 I lost exactly four pounds. While I am happy about the weight loss, I am thrilled that I felt good the entire week, and had zero cravings, other than a few wistful thoughts about donuts. Mentally it was a pretty easy week. In fact, I felt good because I am eating more nutrient dense food than I have in a long time.

Most of all, I am proud of myself for sticking to the plan. I’m honoring the commitment I made to myself by nourishing my body well, and I’m looking forward to Week 2!

Diet Day 1: I have removed all the bad food from the house. It was delicious.
— Just kidding!!
happy keto body tips by plan a healthy life

My best tips for Happy Keto Body week 1:

  • Be excited! Embrace the unknown. Celebrate all the amazing foods you can eat, knowing your are nourishing your body.

  • Plan time to watch the videos. Make this program your priority!

  • Schedule time to plan meals, food prep, cook.

  • It’s perfectly OK to ease into your new keto lifestyle!! In the “All About Carbs” video, Leanne specifically says you can take baby steps:

    • First, eliminate refined sugar and transition to stevia and monkfruit.

    • Second, learn to love the flavors of low carb veggies and fresh herbs.

    • Third, go gluten-free.

    • Fourth, go completely grain free.

  • Don’t expect perfection, and use everything as a “learning experience.”

  • If you’re hungry, EAT. As Leanne says, “eat fat. If you’re still hungry, eat more fat.”

  • Smile and be happy for loving yourself enough to really care for you.

If you are considering Happy Keto Body and want to learn more, just click the cute pink button below. And scroll down for all the details how you can get the same printable Happy Keto Body Bonus Planner I’m using on my 12 week keto journey!


Free Happy Keto Body Printable Planner…

Purchase Happy Keto Body through the link below (or any of the links on this page) and I’ll send you the 170 page printable Bonus Planner. Just email your receipt (dated January 10-17, 2019) to me, Jacqui@PlanAHealthyLife.com!

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Free Happy Keto Body Bonus Planner…

Purchase Happy Keto Body through any link on this page and I’ll send you this 170 page printable planner. Just email me your receipt (dated January 10-17, 2019) to me, Jacqui@PlanAHealthyLife.com!

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