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Need help living your best life?

Are you a busy lady (like me) who really, really wants to live a healthy life? You know, getting to a healthy weight, eating meals with actual veggies on your plate, working out like all the fitness ladies you see on Instagram? And also doing crazy things like getting more sleep (’cause you know you need it!), drinking more water, and maybe meditating or doing yoga?

I get it because I’m obsessed with living my best life too. And, probably like you, I have a ton of enthusiasm for making healthy changes, but often struggle to stick with these things until they are a habit.

I’m Jacqui, by the way, and I’m the crazy busy lady behind Plan A Healthy Life.


Planning is the key to making healthy changes…and making them stick.

I don’t have all the answers, but I do know that PLANNING a healthy life is the key to making the changes we want – and making those changes stick.

You know how you get super motivated to do something like lose weight and THIS TIME it’s for real? So you write your goal on a pink sticky note, because duh, we’re told to write our goals down. But life happens, and soon that pink sticky note with “I will lose 15 pounds” is crumpled in a drawer and you don’t find it until you’re searching for super glue six months later…

Planning healthy changes takes a little more effort than writing random goals on sticky notes, but it also doesn’t have to be hard.

On this blog I’ll share some of my best tools, techniques and tips to help you make the healthy changes you want to make. And have fun doing so.

Printable diet & fitness planners

What you will find are not the ordinary “food and workout logs.” You know, generic blank pages to jot down what you eat every day. Rather, you will find tools that help you set goals that work for YOU, and guide you through every step of your health and fitness journey with checklists, goal setting exercises, progress trackers and more. And, yes, you will have space to log your food and workouts every day, rate your attitude, prepare for daily challenges, and much more.


daily calendars and productivity tools

Living a healthy life is so more than just logging your food and workouts. Being a healthy, well-rounded person means getting things done. Not just crossing items off a to do list (though that is important to), but planning the things in your life you really want to happen. Setting goals in all areas of your life.

The printable calendars, to do lists, and worksheets will help you stay focused and get sh*t done.


and check out the blog for tips to painlessly plan your healthy life!

Find planning tips, organizing strategies, and articles on the latest diet and fitness news.


before you go, grab a freebie!

Thousands of ladies have used my free Fitness Calendar as a first start to planning a healthy life. You can grab one too! Just click the link below.

I am so thrilled to share my favorite printable tools with you!

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