Printable 12 Week Keto Journal with Food Log, Daily Diary and Meal Planner

Printable 12 Week Keto Journal with Food Log, Daily Diary and Meal Planner


This Keto Journal is a 174 page printable planner. It's a fun way to hold yourself accountable, track your food and macros, and your progress

This workbook is a place to record your keto journey, get clear about your goals and motivation, track your progress, simplify your meal planning, and much more.

This journal is not a keto how-to guide, because we all do keto differently. Rather, it will help you craft your personal keto roadmap, track your progress every day, and document your success story.

**This is a printable PDF file so you will have instant access and can download and print it immediately. It is undated so you can start immediately. And, since it is a printable file, you may print it over and over, as often as you need for your personal use.**

My Keto Journal works for any keto diet, whether you are following a particular program, or if you are making it up as you go along.

GET STARTED RIGHT: My Keto Journal has a Getting Started Checklist to make sure you're organized and ready to begin (or continue!) your keto adventure. It features comprehensive Goal Setting Worksheets to help you dig deep and define the results YOU want to see at the end of your 12 week keto journey.

The Getting Started Section includes:
- Getting Started Checklist
- Goal Setting Worksheets
- My Keto Guidelines - guided worksheets to clarify what eating keto means to YOU
- Inspiration Board
- Keto Resources page
- Notes pages

TRACK YOUR PROGRESS: Document your progress for a 12 week keto journey. (And, since this is a printable PDF, simply print out another copy should you choose to continue eating keto.)

The My Progress section contains:
- Progress Photos page
- Health Stats page for recording weight and measurement for 12 weeks
- My Keto Story to journal your personal keto experience
- Notes pages for journaling

TRACK FOOD, WATER, MACROS (AND MORE) EVERY SINGLE DAY: The My Daily Journal Section is for tracking, well, EVERTHING, for 12 whole weeks of keto.

Start with a Weekly Checklist: Each of the 12 weeks you will be reminded to start with a positive attitude, plan meals, create a shopping list, log your weight and measurements, update you Keto Story, and more. The checklist has everything covered so you can think about more important things... like all the great keto food you will eat.

Then use the Daily Journal Pages.

End the week with a Weekly Review.

Here you will focus on lessons learned, progress you've made, summarize how you've felt during the week (energetic, focused, any cravings, etc.), and how to improve next week.

The My Daily Journal section contains:
- Weekly divider pages with inspirational quotes
- Weekly Checklists for 12 weeks
- Daily Journal pages for all 12 weeks to record water intake, meals, intermittent fasting, macros, exercise, a reflection on your day, and more
- Weekly Review pages for 12 weeks


The Meal Planning section contains:
- Keto Meal Planning Tips
- List of Keto-Friendly Foods
- Worksheets to list your Favorite Keto Main Dishes, Side Dishes, Desserts and Snacks
- Weekly Meal Planner for 12 weeks
- Shopping Lists for 12 weeks

There is nothing like My Keto Journal on the market. Be the first to get your hands on this fun and effective accountability tool!

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