Happy Keto Body review Series and free printable planner offer

Interested in the Happy Keto Body diet program for women? Check out my review series which details my 12 week journey on Happy Keto Body. Each week I have tips how to plan for a successful week, I share what I ate, what I learned (from the Happy Keto Body program and about myself), what I ate, and I share my best tips to make it an amazing week.

Before Happy Keto Body I googled some information about keto and started winging it. What I realized is that eating keto is more than just googling a meal plan. It is learning how to eat best for your personal goals, and learn to troubleshoot when issues arise. It is understanding the benefits of eating this way and learning how many carbs you can eat while staying in ketosis.

I quit after a few weeks because I got tired of eating burgers, cheese, and heavy cream, and I missed my veggies! I wanted to find a way to eat keto that made more sense to me. A way to help me lose excess weight, heal my digestion, give my body the good nutrition it needs, with the freedom to make my own choices.

I searched and found Happy Keto Body which is an online video course.

I hate following strict plans that tell me exactly what to eat, in what quantities, and when. Happy Keto Body taught me to listen to my body.


If you’re curious about Happy Keto Body…

If you want to learn more about Happy Keto Body, and see if it is a good fit for you, all my blog posts and resources are linked on this page.

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  3. If you enroll in Happy Keto Body through one of the links on this page, I’ll send you a free printable keto planner you can use to plan for your Happy Keto Body Experience and track your personal keto journey.


Start with the summary posts:

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  • Week 12

  • Week 0 How to Plan

if you want/need more information, check out the week 1 through 12 posts below:

Here are the very detailed weekly posts with tips for each week, what I ate, how I felt, and the topic discussed in the Happy Keto Body program.


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