Complete Guide to the Morning Meltdown 100 Meal Plan

Beachbody’s Morning Meltdown 100 comes with a meal plan and cookbook, so I’m here to give you the scoop. Whether you want an amazing transformation or just want to lose those pesky last 10 pounds, will the Morning Meltdown 100 nutrition plan help you reach your goals? In this post I’ll share the 3 meal plan options, common FAQ’s, sneak peek at the recipes, my best meal planning and meal prep tips.

Complete Guide to the Morning Meltdown 100 Meal Plan. Plan a Healthy Life

Your complete guide to the Morning Meltdown 100 Meal Plan.

I’m always intrigued by diet plans. Why? For me it's personal. Having lost 80 pounds of excess "fluff," maintaining my weight loss is critically important to me. Not just to rock a pair of skinny jeans, but I choose to eat a (mostly) nutritious diet to fuel my body like an athlete to support my activity, whether it's Morning Meltdown 100, Zumba, or power shopping.

For me, these are the 3 key components every healthy meal plan must have:

  1. Help achieve weight loss or weight maintenance goals

  2. Provide all the nutrients your body needs

  3. Be satisfying – including foods you enjoy eating

Oh, and I'm a busy person, as I suspect you are. So a meal plan that is SIMPLE and DOABLE FOR REAL PEOPLE is a must.

In this post I’ll share:

  • What is Beachbody’s Morning Meltdown 100?

  • The Morning Meltdown Meal Plan in a nutshell.

  • 2 other meal plan options for Morning Meltdown 100.

  • Will I lose weight (and how much) on The Morning Meltdown 100??

  • All about the recipes (and links to some)!

  • Beachbody’s recommended supplements.

  • Morning Meltdown 100 diet plan FAQ’s.

  • My super simple meal planning tips.

  • My best meal prep tips for Morning Meltdown 100.

Now, on to the food!

Complete Guide to the Morning Meltdown 100 Meal Plan. Plan a Healthy Life

What is Morning Meltdown 100?

If you’re looking for information on the Morning Meltdown 100 meal plan, I assume you know what Morning Meltdown 100 (or MM100) is all about. It’s the first Beachbody program designed to be done in the morning, so you can check off your workout and begin your day feeling strong and energized. As the name implies, it is 100 individual workouts, led by Beachbody Super Trainer Jericho McMatthews, and they’re all just 20-30 minutes so you can easily fit them into your busy day.

The workouts are a combination of weight training, cardio, and even recovery moves, so it is super well-rounded, and they feature music mixed by a live DJ! So it feels like a fun, motivating, fitness party.

How to purchase morning meltdown 100:

You must have a subscription to Beachbody on Demand to access Morning Meltdown 100. It will appear in your Member Library on October 1, 2019.

However, you can purchase VIP early access starting July 16, 2019 as well as Challenge Packs complete with Shakeology, the Beachbody Performance Line, or other supplements. Just click on the links below to learn more:

If you already have Beachbody on Demand:

If you do not have Beachbody on Demand:

This is your Morning Meltdown nutrition plan and recipe book!

This is your Morning Meltdown nutrition plan and recipe book!

Morning Meltdown 100 meal plan in a nutshell.

The Morning Meltdown 100 nutrition plan is super simple and it’s based on the healthy meals and snacks recipes in the cookbook. No calorie counting or pulling out the 21 Day Fix portion containers. By following the meal plan you will enjoy lots of whole, real foods like fruits, veggies, quality proteins, grains, nuts & seeds, and healthy fats.

Here’s how it works…

Find your personal plan, based on your goals.

  1. Decide whether you want to lose weight or maintain weight.

  2. Look at the chart in the Nutrition Guide to find your plan.

  3. Your plan will tell you what meals (and possibly snacks!) you will be eating each day.

Choose your breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks from the recipes in the mm100 cookbook.

I’ll give you some meal planning tips, but this program is as easy as selecting your favorite recipes from the cookbook and eating them!

Plan a Healthy Life Tip: You can substitute breakfast, lunch, or dinner recipes for each of the three meals of the day. They all have similar calorie levels (around 400 per serving) and macro breakdown. Some dinners are lighter on the carbs than breakfast or lunch.

Random interesting facts for calorie counting geeks (like me).

You don’t count calories (or portions) in the Morning Meltdown 100 meal plan, but this is the approximate calorie breakdown if you’re curious:

  • Breakfasts, lunches, dinners = 400 calories

  • Snacks = 150 calories

  • Super Snacks = 300 calories

  • Shakeology snack recipes = 160 calories

  • Shakeology super snack recipes = 300 calories

  • Shakeology meal replacement recipes = 400 calories

free printable fitness calendar - Plan a Healthy Life

Free printable fitness calendar

Track goals and workouts for an entire month!

If you’re currently doing one of these Beachbody nutrition plans, you can continue following it while doing Morning Meltdown 100.

If you’re currently doing one of these Beachbody nutrition plans, you can continue following it while doing Morning Meltdown 100.

2 other Meal Plan options for Morning Meltdown 100.

If you are doing either the Ultimate Portion Fix or 2B Mindset (both Beachbody programs) you can easily mix-and-match MM100 recipes with either of these programs.

Ultimate Portion Fix

You’ve probably heard of the 21 Day Fix and it’s famous color-coded container system. The Ultimate Portion Fix a 30 day video-based nutrition program created by Autumn Calabrese designed to teach you how to eat (and feed your family) healthy meals, eat for exercise performance, and help beat sugar addiction - while teaching you the proper portion size for you. Itt has a complete color-coded container system, recipes, and a video program.

To use with MM100: It's super simple. Your Morning Meltdown 100 eating plan will be the same level as your Ultimate Portion Fix Eating Plan. All of the Morning Meltdown 100 recipes have container equivalents so you can easily use those recipes with the Ultimate Portion Fix.

Learn more about the Ultimate Portion Fix here: Ultimate Portion Fix

2B Mindset

The 2B Mindset program is a weight-loss program created by Ilana Muhlstein, MS, registered dietitian and nutritionist, who lost more than 100 pounds using these principles. This video-based program focuses on eating filling and satisfying meals, so you can lose weight without feeling hungry or deprived. This isn’t a diet where you count calories or use containers. Instead Ilana teaches you how a positive mindset can help lead to lasting weight loss. The 2B Mindset is about understanding the purpose of food and your behaviors so you can enjoy life, and helping you finally say goodbye to your struggles with food and losing weight.

To use with MM100: If you're currently doing the 2B Mindset program and you are happy with your progress, just stick with it. Most likely you won't need to make any modifications. If you do, see the "2B Mindset and Exercise" PDF in the Resources section of the 2B Mindset program page on Beachbody on Demand. You'll also find 2B Mindset Plate It! guidelines after each of the MM100 recipes.

Learn more about 2B Mindset here: 2B Mindset

Avocado Egg Salad Toast from the Complete Guide to the Morning Meltdown 100 Meal Plan. Plan a Healthy Life

Will I lose weight with the Morning Meltdown 100 nutrition plan, and how much?

If your goal is weight loss, and you stick to the MM100 meal plan, you will likely lose weight.

As you probably know, diet is the most important component to weight loss. Some people say diet is 80% of the equation and exercise is 20%, others say 75% and 25%. Whatever the exact rations (and I suspect they depend on the individual), what and how much you eat is the most important factor when trying to lose weight.

You will burn calories doing the Morning Meltdown workouts, but not zillions. The workouts will strengthen your cardiovascular system and tone your muscles. You will become more fit. But the workouts alone aren’t enough for weight loss.

That’s why the MM100 meal plan (or some other healthy eating plan) is so important. You not only have to nourish your body with good, nutritious food, but you have to eat LESS than you currently do. That will create a deficit and help you lose weight.

Diets (like the mm100 meal plan) only work if you follow them.

Following a plan for more than a few days is what’s challenging, right? This is why you need to simplify meal planning and meal prep so you aren’t spending hours shopping, chopping, and cooking. I’ll share my best tips below.

How much weight can i expect to lose?

With any diet, MM100 included, you normally will see the biggest drop in your first week. Sometimes 2-5 pounds, depending on how much weight you have to lose. But here are the facts… for healthy weight loss you can expect to lose a half pound to 2 pounds per week. (This is not my personal opinion, it is what the Mayo Clinic says.) In my personal experience, doable and healthy weight loss tends to be about 1 pound per week.

Shakeology is recommended for Morning Meltdown 100. See the Complete Guide to the MM100 Meal Plan at PlanAHealthyLife.

Beachbody recommended supplements.


If you're familiar with Beachbody programs, you may have heard of Shakeology.  It's a superfood nutrition shake that helps increase energy, reduce cravings and helps people lose weight faster.  Shakeology gives your body the nutrition it needs to look our best, feel our best, and energize us for the Morning Meltdown workouts.

Shakeology can be used for breakfast, lunch, dinner or a snack. I like that it's a quick, easy, delicious way for me to get the nutrients I might otherwise miss in my diet.

You can learn all about Shakeology and how it can help you meet your health goals here.

Beachbody Performance Line.

The Performance Line is a collection of supplements to help you get best results from a workout program. Beachbody recommends two for the MM100 program:

Energize, pre-workout. Helps provide healthy energy, sharpen focus, and improve exercise performance. This is epecially helpful if you workout first thing in the morning, as is recommended for MM. Click to check out Energize.

Recover, post-workout. This yummy drink gets protein to muscles to help improve muscle recovery, promote muscle growth, and fight exercise-induced soreness. Click to check out Recover.

Complete Guide to the Morning Meltdown 100 Meal Plan. Plan a Healthy Life

A sneak peek at the Morning Meltdown 100 recipes.

the morning meltdown meal plan has recipes in 9 different categories.

The recipes, are broken down into the following categories:

  • breakfast

  • lunch

  • dinner

  • snack

  • super snack

  • Shakeology

  • Shakeology snack recipes

  • Shakeology super snack recipes

  • Shakeology meal replacement recipes.

Like I mentioned earlier, you can mix and match breakfast, lunch, dinner and the Shakeology meal replacement recipes because they have a similar nutritional profile and calorie count.

The Morning Meltdown meal plan has 60 recipes to choose from.

Here are a few of the delicious recipes you can enjoy (and I’ve included links to some of the recipes!):


Want more recipes? See this blog post: 6 Healthy Breakfast Recipes for the Morning Meltdown 100


Morning Meltdown 100 FAQ’s.


Yes. Follow the plan and you will have adequate amounts of protein, fats and carbs. You will eat a wide variety of fruits and veggies to fuel your body with the nutrients it needs to build muscle and burn fat.

Pay attention to how your body feels. Do you have enough energy? Does the amount of food satisfy you? If you feel excessively hungry, there are guidelines in the book for adding food according to a specific formula.


Yes, if you plan and prepare in advance. The Morning Meltdown 100 eating plan requires a little thought, planning and preparation, but so does any healthy eating program. Spending an hour planning your meals and grocery shopping for the week is a worthwhile investment in your health. (And check out my meal planning tips in this post!)




No calorie counting. The Morning Meltdown 100 plan is based on recipes. It’s time for breakfast? Choose one of the recipes from the nutrition book. Repeat for lunch, dinner, and snacks.


For this particular Beachbody nutrition plan, you eat recipes in the nutrition guide. It’s not as flexible as a portion control system like the 21 Day Fix. But there are tips for dining out.

And, if you are currently doing the Ultimate Portion Fix or 2B Mindset, you can continue those programs.


Yes. And it’s super simple to do so since each recipe is coded for different types of diets (like gluten-free, vegan, high fiber).


Thank goodness, YES! Coffee has anti-oxidants and, honestly, it’s an essential part of my diet. You can decorate your coffee with lowfat milk, small amounts of raw sugar, honey, maple syrup or stevia, and add any flavorings like cinnamon, lemon, nutmeg, pumpkin pie spice.


You should feel satisfied. You will be eating a well-balanced diet of real foods. Sometimes it feels a bit restrictive if we’re coming from a history of fast food and take-out, but most people adapt quickly.

what if I’m still hungry?

Beachbody suggests sticking to the plan for a week or two to give your body time to adjust. If you still feel very hungry during the day, add a healthy snack.

Personally I am not a fan of starving, lol.

Sometimes there is an adjustment period starting any diet where you feel overly hungry. It’s particularly strong if you’re coming from a place of eating lots of processed or fast foods. Your body says “feed me” even though it has plenty of calories.

When this happens to me, I’m honest with myself and if I feel truly hungry (even if I shouldn’t be) I will eat food that is on the plan. Enough to satisfy me.

A good strategy is to use one of the snack recipes to see if that satisfies you. Or Shakeology or a BeachBar (Beachbody’s protein bar).

Listen to your body… Not when it screams “I want ice cream!” but when it is empty and you’re hungry. When you are actually physically hungry (versus just wanting to eat or because you are bored or have a craving), then eat something nutritious. I (almost) always use my body’s signals of hunger and fullness to guide when I eat and when I don’t.


The Morning Meltdown 100 meal plan will show you what healthy meals and snacks look like. But it doesn’t actually teach you how to compose your own healthy meals.

It’s always good to know how to come up with your own healthy eating meal plan so you can include the recipes and ingredients you love.

However, when you purchase The Morning Meltdown 100 (or if you already subscribe to Beachbody on Demand) you will have access to the Fixate Cooking Show which gives you meal planning and cooking tips and TONS of simple 5 minute recipe videos. You can also download PDF recipes.


My best meal planning tips for Morning Meltdown 100.

Plan your meals every single week.

Because the MM100 nutrition plan is recipe-based, you have to do some planning and preparation. I’ll break it down and make it super simple for you. It starts by creating a meal plan every single week. You can’t swing through the drive through for the Rainbow Lentil Bowls on page 28 of the Morning Meltdown nutrition guide, amirite??

Every single week literally schedule a time to make your meal plan and shopping list. Write it on your calendar or set an alarm on your phone. I use this printable goal-setting planner and calendar. I like to meal plan on Fridays and hit the grocery store on Saturday afternoon, but choose the best time for you.

Allow 30-45 minutes to pick your recipes and make your shopping list. Honestly it will probably take you less time because all the recipes are in one place and you’re not searching on Pinterest for alternatives.

Meal planning will be even easier once you have a few weeks of plans because you can rotate them throughout the 100 day program.

For simplicity, follow the “pick two” meal planning formula.

Grab this printable meal planner or a notebook and start creating your plan. (I track my workouts and food in my printable fitness planner which has lots of space for planning meals.)

I love using the “pick two” formula. You simply pick two breakfasts, two lunches, and two snacks and rotate them throughout the week.

If you don’t mind repeats, and especially if you are only cooking for yourself, you can definitely pick two dinners and do the same. If you cook for a family, though, they might not like the repetition. Can you pick 4 recipes and eat leftovers some nights?

Look at the Morning Meltdown nutrition book (or the PDF you’ll find online in Beachbody on Demand) and choose two recipes from each category. Write them on your meal planner or in your notebook.

You can definitely choose more recipes if you’re a foodie or don’t mind cooking!

Create an organized shopping list.

Using the recipes you’ve chosen, start making your shopping list.

Pay attention to how many servings each recipe makes. For example, the Oatmeal with Apples, Pecans, Hemp Seeds, and Cinnamon recipe makes four servings. So if you’re only making breakfast for yourself, one batch will give you breakfast for four days.

The Cherry Blossom Smoothie Bowl (breakfast) makes 1 serving. To round out your week of seven days of breakfast, you’ll have to make it three times and multiple the ingredients in the recipe by three. Make sense?

Repeat the process for all of your meals.

I like to make my big ass list of ingredients first, then check my fridge, freezer, and pantry to see if I have some of the ingredients covered. Then cross them off the list.

If you use the printable diet and fitness planning system like I do, it allows you to organize your shopping list as you create it.


Save your meal plans and rotate them throughout the 100 days.

Since Morning Meltdown 100 is a 14+ week program, you have 14 weeks of meals to plan! A great time-saving tip is to create four meal plans and rotate them over the 100 days of workouts. Or five meal plans… it doesn’t matter the number, but a little repetition is definitely easier than creating 14 unique weeks of meal plans!

Helpful resources.

Complete Guide to the Morning Meltdown 100 Meal Plan. Plan a Healthy Life

How to make meal prep for Morning Meltdown 100 super simple.

Sometimes the words “meal prep” strike terror in the hearts of healthy eaters!! It’s intimidating to think of spending an entire Sunday in the kitchen washing veggies, chopping, and making meals for the week ahead. And then finding space in your fridge to store them!

Meal prep doesn’t have to be torture and it doesn’t have to take hours. Here are my best meal prep tips for the Morning Meltdown meal plan or any other diet plan:

Take advantage of “healthy convenience” foods.

These are some of my favorites:

  • pre-washed salad greens (I am in love with Taylor Farms chopped salad kits!)

  • pre-washed and pre-cut fruits and veggies

  • fresh or frozen veggies in microwave steamer bags

  • fresh or frozen chopped veggies for recipes, like onions, peppers, potatoes

  • frozen chopped garlic or ginger, or herbs like cilantro, parsley (Dorot Gardens is one brand)

  • precooked grains like white or brown rice, quinoa, or bulgur wheat etc. (look in the rice aisle or in the freezer section)

  • instant steel cut oats

  • frozen berries or fruit mixes are great for Greek yogurt parfaits, recipes, or smoothies

  • Shakeology used as a meal replacement makes your breakfast or lunch a simple no-brainer

  • rotisserie chicken or other precooked poultry or meats

If you do a traditional meal prep day, make it fun!

  • turn on music or listen to podcasts

  • start with a clean kitchen and clear counter space

  • choose just a few recipes to start

  • if making several recipes at once is overwhelming, just prep for the next 3 days

  • if using onions in a recipe, for example, chop all the onions at once

  • batch cook things like sweet potatoes, chicken, or grains

Consider making double portions and using leftovers for lunch or even breakfast!

It’s super simple to double a recipe and have twice the food for the same amount of effort.

Take advantage of time-saving kitchen appliances and tools.

The tools and gadgets you use totally depend on the recipes you frequently cook and your likes and dislikes. Here are some of my favorites:

  • Air fryer. This is my family’s favorite appliance and it has earned a permanent spot on the counter! We use it almost every day.

  • Egg cooker. This little gadget cooks perfectly hard-boils (also soft-boils) 6 eggs at a time and, gasp!, they peel perfectly every single time. My husband eats hard-boiled eggs for breakfast every day and he’d divorce me before he gave up his egg cooker.

  • Instant pot. I actually bought a 3 quart instant pot to make homemade yogurt (THIS is the recipe I use and it is fabulous) but now I’m using it to quickly make other delicious foods, like homemade applesauce, stews, rice, and so much more.

  • Good quality glass storage containers. I have these glass containers with locking plastic lids and they are worth their weight in gold. Keeps food fresh and you’ll have zero odors in the fridge.

  • Lemon juicer. I love making homemade lemonade with fresh lemon juice, stevia, and water. I bought the juicer on impulse and now you can’t pry it from my hands!



The Morning Meltdown 100 meal plan is a simple, well-balanced guide to healthy eating. It will fuel your body with nutritious foods and help you lose weight, if that is your goal. Because it is a recipe-based meal plan, it does take a little planning and preparation.

The MM100 meal plan is sound nutrition. Follow the recipes and the easy-to-follow guidelines and you will lose weight, while nourishing you muscles with essential vitamins, minerals, proteins and healthy fats. The Morning Meltdown 100 nutrition plan is not overly-restrictive and uses foods you can easily find at your local grocery store. I'd say it's a winner!

And remember, you can substitute either the Ultimate Portion Fix or the 2B Mindset nutrition plans if you are currently following one of those. Or you can check out those nutrition programs if you wish to learn more.

For the scoop on the Ultimate Portion Fix, click here: ULTIMATE PORTION FIX

To learn more about 2B Mindset, click here: 2B MINDSET


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Here is your complete guide to the Morning Meltdown 100 Meal Plan:  What to eat,  sample recipes, meal planning and prep tips, and more.
Here is your complete guide to the Morning Meltdown 100 Meal Plan:  What to eat,  sample recipes, meal planning and prep tips, and more.


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