Plan Some Fun in Your Life (and a free planning printable to make it happen).

plan fun in your life

plan fun in your life

Planning a healthy life is more than just scheduling workouts, planning meals, and organizing our busy calendars. Relaxation and downtime is super important too! And, as busy women, that's probably the area we most neglect.  Especially this time of year.

I saw a blog post called something like "19 things to do before 2019".  First I was like YESSSSS, gurl!! I thought about all the things on my to do list, all the goals I've written in my planner since January - many unfinished. And all the new goals I want to make happen. I was inspired AF.

For about a minute.

Reality set in and I'm so glad. Sometimes doing MORE isn't better.

If I made a list of 19 things to do in the next 56 days of the year, it would add needless pressure and anxiety. I'd have all kinds of negative thoughts like "why didn't I do this back in February when I said it was gonna happen?" Why haven't I lost the 20 pounds I gained last year? Why do I keep starting over? Why can't I commit to anything? Why do I suck as a human being??

That's total crap.

I don't need 19 more things on my to do list, and I suspect you don't either.

Sometimes we focus too much on productivity. On getting our work, and our home, and our family sh*t done.  This is a good thing because productivity and planning meals and scheduling workouts is important.

But so is fun. Yep, fun.

So rather than add 19 icky to do's to my end-of-year bucket list, I would add just one thing. And that thing would be FUN.

One simple, fun, action or activity that will keep me inspired and make me smile during this busy time of year.

No matter what time of year you are reading this, try adding a bit of planned fun into your life too. I've outlined the steps below AND I have a free printable worksheet to make it happen!


5 simple steps to add some intentional fun in your life, one activity at a time.

1 - Brainstorm a list of "happy things."

Here are some ideas:

  • try a new recipe

  • take a walk outside before lunch

  • daily meditation and/or prayer

  • gratitude practice

  • watch a movie you've been meaning to see

  • volunteer at a soup kitchen

  • see a comedy show

  • plan Christmas activity for the children in your life

  • find a new craft project to start, like knitting or painting

  • organize your closet

  • try a new restaurant

  • read a book

  • spend an hour scrapbooking

  • doodle or color

  • print 4 pictures that make you happy and put them into frames

  • try a new kind of wine

  • send a "just because" card to someone you care about

  • meet a friend for coffee or lunch

  • buy a new workout outfit

  • research a new vacation spot

Some of these might not sound like fun to you, or they might sound stupid or boring. That's ok. Make a list of things YOU enjoy.

2 - Choose one activity and write down all the steps to make it happen.

Without analyzing or spending loads of time, which item on your list makes you happiest? Circle that sucker.  You will start with that one thing. Later, you can tackle other items on your list.

Make your action very specific and write down all the steps to make that thing happen.

Even if it's "read a book" there might be a few action steps. Do you have a book queued up on your kindle? Do you need to browse Amazon or search your library online? Ask a friend for a recommendation? Order the book?

3 - Plan a time to make your "happy thing" a reality.

If it has multiple steps, like the book example, when are you going to browse Amazon? Write the times in your planner or online calendar, or set an alarm on your phone.

4 - Do the thing. And make it special because, well, you're special!

If you're reading a book, make a cup of tea, put on your jammies, curl up on the couch, and light a candle.

If you're making a new recipe invite a friend over to taste test, buy the best quality ingredients from the store, play music while cooking, serve your meal on china, and set the table beautifully. Make it an event. Ideally, have someone else clean up!

5 - Reflect and repeat.

You did something nice for yourself! How did it make you feel? What did you like best? Would you do this thing again? What would you change? Does this inspire you to try something similar? (Add to your list!)

What do you want to try next? Add to your list when you're inspired. Circle your new thing. And schedule time to get it done.

Be sure to download the free printable FUN worksheet!  Click HERE to download and print.

Jacqui at PlanAHealthyLife

Jacqui at PlanAHealthyLife

plan fun in your life

plan fun in your life