December 2018 Freebie of the Month

2019 calendar plan a healthy life

To celebrate the new “Plan a Healthy Life” blog, I am introducing monthly freebies.

I’ve had so many people tell me that my fitness and organizing printables are helpful to them, so I decided to make a monthly freebie a new thing on Plan A Healthy Life. Each month I’ll have a printable you can download and use - totally free!

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December’s Freebie is a 2019 printable calendar

You are totally going to love the 2019 monthly calendar. It’s 8.5x11 size and is perfect for planning appointments, birthdays, holidays, fitness routines, blog posts, meal planning, household chores and more!

Each month is a large, two-page spread so you have plenty of room to write. The simple black & white design gives you a polished, classic look, but also allows you to add stickers, color and your own creative flair.


How to use your calendar.

Obviously you can use your calendar to record appointments, vacations, birthdays, and anniversaries. But did you know you can use a calendar to lose weight, get fit, organize your home, plan vacations, nurture your creative side, and get your finances under control?

Here are a few ideas to get you thinking:

  • write an inspirational quote each day

  • meal planner

  • monitor your feelings or mood

  • use to track books you’ve read and time reading

  • running or walking mileage tracker

  • schedule home maintenance chores - inside and out

  • jot down baby’s first milestones

There are tons of ways you can use a calendar. Check out the blog post I wrote called “51 Unique Ways to Use a Calendar to be Healthier, Happier and an Organizational Rock Star.”


When you need more organizational awesomeness in your life.

A printable planner is a great start to getting organized, but sometimes you need more, you know? Because life isn’t all appointments and birthday parties. We have goals and dreams and things we want to achieve for yourselves and for our families. That’s one of the reasons I designed the Plan a Healthy Life Planner. It goes way beyond simple calendaring.

The 2019 Printable Planner is a complete calendaring and goal-setting system and it includes step-by-step instructions and tips. It features:

  • Year-at-a-Glance to record holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, and other important dates to remember. Map out vacations, business travel, school events, and important future dates.

  • Monthly Calendars and 3 pages of goal-setting awesomeness every month.

  • Streamlined Week-at-a-Glance view allows you to be more purposeful and relieves overwhelm.

The Life Planner is 186 pages of awesomeness and it’s available in the Plan a Healthy Life shop right now.


The 2019 calendar freebie is only available in December 2018.

If you’re reading this post after that time, do a quick search on the blog to find the current only freebie. And be sure to subscribe to my email list so you never miss a freebie!

Jacqui at Plan a Healthy Life