Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth Without Cheating on Your Diet: Valentine's Day Gluten-Free Quest Bar Heart Cookies

quest valentine's cookies

quest valentine's cookies

I lust for decadent desserts and chocolate confections to celebrate Valentine's Day.  But it's hard to feel sexy in a slinky dress or rock my skinny jeans when I've cheated on my diet!

In order to satisfy a desire for a sinfully sweet (gluten-free!) cookie, yet still remain faithful to my health and fitness goals, I created these luscious Valentine's Day heart cookies.  I chose irresistible double chocolate and white chocolate raspberry, but be creative and experiment with your favorite flavors.

Be discrete. 

Shhhhhh... These adorable heart-shaped cookies have a little secret.... they are created from gluten-free Quest protein bars.  Using this "cheat" you can whip up a batch in a flash to please yourself or your favorite Valentine.

Be virtuous.

The cookies are delicious unadorned.  If you prefer your cookies naked, enjoy them totally guilt-free.

Chocolate cookies are delicious unadorned.

Satisfy your desire for something sweet. 

In the mood for a sinful snack?  Caress your cookies with a sumptuous sugar icing.

Or take a walk on the wild side and love your cookies both ways!

Quest Bar Valentine Heart Cookies

Cookie Ingredients:

1 (or more)

Quest Bar, any flavor

(I used one White Chocolate Raspberry bar and one Double Chocolate Chunk bar)

Parchment paper

Heart-shaped cookie cutter


Preheat oven to 350 degrees.

Working with one bar at a time, unwrap bar and place on piece of parchment paper.  Microwave for 10 seconds until slightly softened.

Fold parchment paper over the Quest bar and roll it out very thin - approximately 1/4 inch.  Cut heart shapes with the cookie cutter, trying to fit as many hearts as possible on the Quest bar dough.**

If you are using more than one Quest bar, repeat with the remaining bars.

Line a cookie sheet with a fresh sheet of parchment paper.  Place cookie hearts on the pan and bake for approximately 6 minutes.  Remove from oven and allow to cool.

**Unlike traditional cookie dough, it is extremely difficult to re-roll the scraps after cutting your heart shapes.  Eat the scraps while you're baking or save them for later.  Even tiny pieces of Quest dough are delicious!

White Chocolate Raspberry hearts - sinfully delicious!

Deliciously healthy!  Enjoy the cookies naked for an enticing, guilt-free dessert or post-workout snack.

Nutritional information will vary, depending on your Quest Bar flavor, but most are under 200 calories per bar and all contain 20 grams of protein.

Or caress the cookies with a decadent, glossy icing for an tantalizing treat!Valentine's Day is a day to indulge all your senses.

Satisfy your sweet tooth with beautiful heart-shaped cookies!

Icing Ingredients: 1/2 cup confectioner's sugar 2 teaspoons milk (I used almond milk) 2 teaspoons light corn syrup 1/4 teaspoon almond extract (or flavor of your choice) food coloring, if desired

I used this amazing icing recipe from  Unlike traditional royal icing, it does not require a mixer (hooray!) and the glaze dries to a beautiful glossy sheen.

Happy Valentine's Day!


Quest Bar Cookies & Cream Coconut Bark

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