New and Improved Printable Fitness Calendar


Hot off the press is the newly updated Exercise & Fitness calendar!  Many of you have my 2014 Fitness Planner which includes exercise calendars for each month of the year.  Now I've added a perpetual calendar so you simply print as many copies as you need.  No need to update every year.  I'm all about simplicity!

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Just print and plan.

Each month print a new calendar and plot out your workouts.  Nothing is written in stone - workouts can be flipped around, added or subtracted, but it's important to have a PLAN.  Winging it usually doesn't work when it comes to getting fit, unfortunately.

Make sure to set new fitness goals for each month. What do you want to achieve? !

Challenge yourself.

Whatever way you like to sweat, be sure to stretch yourself each and every month. Decide to try a new activity, or set a fun strength goal. Maybe you vow to workout five days per week or maybe you’ll rock some wall push-ups and crunches on commercial breaks during your favorite TV show.

Start now.

And if exercise isn’t a regular habit for you yet? No problem. Just start. Don’t make it complicated. Don’t overthink. Just move your body. Enjoy how good it feels to move and you will learn to fall in love with fitness. Your body will thank you.

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Make your fitness calendar a habit.

If you consistently set goals and track your workouts you WILL see success!

Download your calendar here:  Printable Fitness and Exercise Calendar

Other free printables can be found on my health & fitness Printables page.