21 Day Fix Workout Schedule - Free PDF Download

21 Day Fix Workout Schedule

21 Day Fix Workout Schedule

Update January 2017:  The 21 Day Fix Extreme has been released, but the Fix printable is still a great asset when working through the program.

I'm counting down the days until the new 21 Day Fix Extreme program is released (February 2nd!) so it's time to do another round of the original 21 Day Fix to get prepared.

As I've shared here and with my challenge groups, I have exercise ADD.  I've never done only one program at a time because I like a lot of variety, or I like to add in other activities like running or swinging kettlebells.  But this time, I plan to stick to the 21 Day Fix and really FOCUS.



Why?  Because the 21 Day Fix Extreme workouts will be intense and the meal plan will require every ounce of my (mostly non-existent) willpower.  Following the 21 Day Fix in its entirely (except for a few scheduled runs) will help channel my inner super hero because I will need her once my Fix Extreme package arrives!

Since I absolutely must have a cute printable for my workout binder, I made a colorful 21 Day Fix Workout Schedule and I'll share it with you.  I've added space to record your stats, as well as to set some goals and, most importantly, list your REWARD for completing the program!

Click to print your 21 Day Fix Workout Schedule.

Do you love the 21 Day Fix?  Are you planning to rock the 21 Day Fix Extreme program ??

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