7 Step Plan for a Healthy Halloween Week (So You Don't Blow Your Diet)

Want a healthy Halloween week so you you don’t blow your diet? Here is a simple 7 step plan to enjoy the season AND get back right back on track. I also have a 7 day printable healthy Halloween week planner to help keep you focused!

  1. Set your intention for a healthy Halloween week

  2. Make a simple, healthy Halloween week meal plan

  3. Move your body every day

  4. Practice 10+ minutes of self-care

  5. Enjoy your favorite Halloween treats in moderation

  6. Plan to get back on track November 1st

  7. Assess your week and learn from it

Don’t be scared of blowing your diet on Halloween! Here is a simple 7 step plan to enjoy the season AND get back right back on track. I also have a 7 day printable healthy Halloween week planner to help keep you focused.

7 Step Plan for a Healthy Halloween Week (So You Don't Blow Your Diet).

Don’t be scared of Halloween weight gain! Here is a 7 step, spooky simple, plan to stick to your diet Halloween week, enjoy your favorite Halloween treats (yay for Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups!) in moderation, and get right back on track, on November 1st.

In this post I’ll share:

  • Why Halloween week is critical to sticking to your diet or healthy lifestyle plan.

  • A simple 7 step plan for a healthy Halloween week.

  • How to get back on track after Halloween, or any holiday or special occasion.

  • A printable healthy Halloween week planner (with meal plan and shopping list) for fun and accountability.

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Halloween week can be deadly for dieters.

Not in the literal sense, but Halloween is what kicks off the holiday season. Which is wonderful and magical, but also filled with so many treats and high-calorie goodies, and parties, and other gastronomical debauchery.

If you’re a lady committed to healthy living, it’s critical you don’t fall off the broomstick, errr, blow your diet this week.

This simple 7 step healthy Halloween week plan will help:

1 - Decide you will have an amazingly healthy Halloween week.

Surviving Halloween week without blowing your diet or falling into a candy corn-induced sugar coma starts with a decision.

Consciously decide you will eat well, move your body, practice self-care, enjoy some of your favorite treats in moderation on Halloween day (we’ll take about how to make a plan), and then get right back to your diet plan on November 1st.

Mindset is key so set your intention for Halloween week right now. Will it be the start of a deep dive into all the carbs, or will it be one exception day in an otherwise healthy week?

Bonus points for writing down your goal in a planner or food journal (I use this printable one), or even on a sticky note. Post it where you can see it every day.

Mine says this:

Halloween week I will eat delicious food that will nourish my body, I will move my body for 30 minutes every day, I will practice 10 minutes of self care, I will plan and enjoy Halloween treats in moderation, and I will get back to my health living plan on November 1st.

7 step plan for a healthy Halloween week (so you don't blow your diet).

2 - Make a healthy Halloween week meal plan.

There will be all kinds of sweet temptations flying your way during Halloween week so spend 20-30 minutes creating a simple, nutritious, and delicious meal plan and be scary strategic about it this week…

Plan meals that are comforting AND nutritious.

Include foods like high quality proteins, healthy fats, fruits, veggies, nuts, and seeds.

Use the flavors of autumn and in-season produce to inspire your meal plan.

If you’re committed to eating well, this may be a normal part of your routine but, if not, be sure to craft a simple meal plan this week. To make it satisfying, both physically and emotionally, include the flavors of the season like pumpkin, cinnamon, apple, cloves, pear, hazelnuts, etc.

If you don’t have meals in your rotation that feature fall flavors, look for one or two to spice up the menu.

Take advantage of your crockpot.

I like to choose a few simple, crockpot meals, that can serve double duty… like chicken thighs that can be eaten with roasted sweet potatoes one night, and shredded for chicken tacos another.

I have lots of healthy crockpot meals on my Healthy Crockpot Recipes Pinterest board.

Rely on healthy convenience foods.

If Halloween is a super busy week, and likely it is!, create your meal plan around healthy convenience foods. Enjoy frozen veggie steamer bags, pre-cooked brown rice or quinoa, washed and chopped fresh fruits and veggies, rotisserie chicken or other supermarket prepared proteins, bagged salads, etc.

Eat mindfully.

You don't have to count calories or macros or containers - unless that's your jam. Rather, eat mindfully. Eat when you’re hungry and stop when you’re satisfied.

If you need help with meal planning, check out this post and free printable: How to Eat Healthy When You Don’t Have Time to Meal Plan (Or Don’t Want To)

free printable fitness calendar - Plan a Healthy Life

Free printable fitness calendar.

Track goals and workouts for an entire month!


3 - Move your body every day.

Schedule at least 30 minutes of movement, but it doesn’t have to be formal exercise.

Humans were designed to move every day! But moving your body doesn’t mean you have to sweat profusely, run for miles, or go to the gym.

Aim 30 minutes (or more) of activity each day, and break up your exercise in 10 or 15 minute chunks if you need to.

Sometimes it might be a formal workout, like Morning Meltdown 100, Zumba, or a spinning class. Or take a short walk after lunch and dinner, tackle a few flights of stairs on your lunch break at the office, march in place during commercials while watching TV or (and I can’t even believe I’m suggesting this), grab the vacuum or Swiffer and clean house.

If you’re a person who tends to, ummmm, “forget” to exercise, write it in your calendar or set an alarm on your phone.

Go trick or treating!

Yes, YOU!

I’m not talking about putting on a costume, carrying a pillowcase, and begging for goodies. That wouldn’t fit in with our “Healthy Halloween Weekl” theme, would it??

I’m talking about getting outside while supervising the younger generation. If you have young kids, be the parent who roams the neighborhood with the kiddos (and burns calories!) while someone else passes out candy at home.

Or, find someone else to trick or treat with. Go with your niece or nephew, or a friend or neighbor who has kids.

Or just go take a WALK on Halloween night, enjoy the jack o’lanterns, decorations, and happy kids, while getting your workout on.

4 - Nurture your mind and spirit with self-care.

Aim for at least 10 minutes of self-care daily.

The goal I repeat to myself (often) is to make my physical and mental health my number one priority.

I take care of my body by feeding it wholesome, nutritious foods (tip #2) and moving it a little every day (tip #3).

A good self-care practice is one way I take care of my mental health.

Self-care is simply doing something for YOU that calms you, relaxes you, entertains you, or nourishes your spirit. It can soothe you and reduce stress. It is about taking care of YOU because you matter.

It can be super simple and shooting for 10 minutes a day is a perfect start.

During a possibly busy or stressful time, like Halloween week, I actually track if I am doing my self-care every day in the healthy habits section of my daily planner.

20 self-care ideas.

Here are some suggestions, but ultimately choose activities that makes you smile, feel rested, relaxed or happy.

  1. Meditate (I love using the Calm app - they have a free version)

  2. Take a 10 minute walk in nature

  3. Read a novel or listen on Audible (you can get a 30 day free trial to Audible by clicking HERE)

  4. Lay down, close your eyes, and daydream

  5. Take a bubble bath

  6. Listen to a podcast

  7. Call a friend, your mom, or your sister

  8. Pray

  9. Listen to music (sing and dance if you feel like it!)

  10. Watch your favorite TV show

  11. Do your nails or get a manicure

  12. Moisturize your face and body

  13. Take a nap

  14. Organize your closet

  15. Light a scented candle or use aromatherapy oils

  16. Cuddle with your kids, your partner, or your puppies

  17. Journal

  18. Watch interesting or entertaining videos on YouTube

  19. Start or work on a scrapbook

  20. Spend time on your favorite hobby or craft, or make a list of hobby, crafts or art projects you want to try!

5 - Plan fun fall activities or crafts that don’t involve food.

This is along the lines of self-care, but on a larger scale…Enjoy all the aspects of a healthy Halloween week and the autumn-season.

It can be as simple as taking a walk in nature, taking your kids to a pumpkin patch, or journaling about your childhood Halloween memories.

Need some ideas? Check out this post with lots of fun fall ideas and a free printable Fall Bucket List planner: 72 Fall Bucket List Ideas and Free Printable Mini Planner

7 step plan for a healthy Halloween week (so you don't blow your diet).

5 - Include your favorite Halloween treats (in moderation).

Halloween is a holiday that comes once a year, so it’s ok to splurge a little - even when you’re planning a healthy Halloween week! A few mini candy bars (or even a big one!), or a cupcake, or pizza in the shape of a jack-o-lantern will not cause you to gain 10 pounds overnight.

It is not “blowing your diet” when you strategically plan foods you don’t normally eat. That’s called enjoying life, but being smart about it.

Plan your treats.

As with exercise, be strategic. Plan your treats in advance. When you plan in advance you make decisions from the part of you who wants to fit into her skinny jeans after you toss the jack-o-lantern in the trash.

Be very specific about what you will eat.

Last year I bought full-size Peppermint Patty and a full-sized Heath bar to eat while passing out Halloween candy. I also had a pumpkin spice latte with my breakfast (recipe here), and I made a delicious one-pot pumpkin pasta recipe for dinner.

I got to splurge, which made me feel pampered and special, and I felt zero guilt. I also didn’t mindlessly munch on candy while I gave treats to trick-or-treaters.

So think about what YOU want to enjoy this Halloween… A cupcake? Some candy? Slice of pumpkin pie with whipped cream? Plan your treats in advance.

Buy candy you don’t love for trick-or-treaters.

This should be obvious, lol. I would never, ever buy Reese’s peanut butter cups or mini Heath bars for the kids in my neighborhood. I’d find myself in a sugar coma by 9pm on Halloween night.

Instead, purchase treats that aren’t terrifyingly tempting. For me, it’s lollipops or Snickers bars.

6 - Get right back to healthy, delicious eating and workouts on November 1st.

The day after Halloween resume your regularly scheduled fitness and diet routine.

Sometimes it’s easier said than done, especially if you have leftover tempting treats. This is a perfect time to remind yourself of your goals and your “why.” This is also why I recommended you have a delicious healthy meal plan already created, and that you’ve scheduled time for exercise.

Deal with leftover Halloween candy!

Leftover candy is scarier than a goblin or me catching a glimpse of myself in the mirror, in my opinion. If you have kids and they have a candy stash, then put it in Ziplock bags or Tupperware and keep it out of sight. Dole it out to the kiddos as you see fit, but remember IT IS NOT YOURS. You wouldn’t rob their piggy bank, right? So stay away from the sweet stuff.

If you don’t have kids in the house then dealing with candy is easier. GET RID OF THE LEFTOVERS NO MATTER WHAT.

Here is a fantastic way to ditch the candy while helping our troops. It’s called Halloween Buy Back Local dental offices volunteer to collect leftover candy. Then they ship it to troops overseas. It’s a win/win! You can plug in your zip code to find a local drop off point.

Keep your eyes and ears open. You may find local organizations, such as women’s shelters or soup kitchens that are collecting goodies.

And this may seem extreme but you always have the option to THROW IT OUT. I know it seems wasteful but better the trash gets fat than you or me!

7 - Assess your week... what can you learn?

Any special occasion or holiday, like Halloween, is an opportunity to learn more about ourselves and, often, the excuses we make or the mental bullshit we have around healthy - and unhealthy - eating. This is why I love to journal about my health and fitness journey … learning about myself and my thoughts and feelings around food are so much more valuable than reading a few tips in a women’s magazine or on Instagram.

This goes for you too! Use your own inner wisdom.

Now that Halloween is over, it is a perfect time to look back at your week and use it as a learning experience.


  • Did I move my body enough? Why or why not?

  • Did I enjoy the food I ate this week?

  • Did I practice self-care every day?

  • Did I plan treats?

  • Did I have any trouble limiting my treats? What is my best guess as to why?

  • Did I follow my plan? Why or why not?

  • Did I have any judgmental thoughts about myself or did I mentally beat myself up over any eating I did?

  • What would the me who has reached her health and fitness goals, tell me to learn from this experience. (Using the wisdom of your future self is one of my favorite journaling techniques.)

  • Did I enjoy the week? What would I change next year?

Answering these questions, especially if you do them on paper, will help you so much as you face other holidays or special occasions.

And remind yourself you are an amazing woman who is doing her very best to live a healthy, happy life!

The cool thing about these 7 healthy Halloween week tips is that you can use them for other holidays and special occasions. We have Thanksgiving and Christmas coming up… will you make a plan to deal with those special days as well? It is totally possible to enjoy treats without blowing your diet.

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Don’t be scared of blowing your diet on Halloween! Here is a simple 7 step plan to enjoy the season AND get back right back on track. I also have a 7 day printable healthy Halloween week planner to help keep you focused.
Don’t be scared of blowing your diet on Halloween! Here is a simple 7 step plan to enjoy the season AND get back right back on track. I also have a 7 day printable healthy Halloween week planner to help keep you focused.